Woke up at 3am cause of my alarm, now I’m stewing

Because . . . incredibly uninspiring and nasty.  In fact, ridiculous!!!!! Rudest fucking treatment.

I don’t deal super well with folks who think calling you names (which they do, immediately) is on the same level as pointing out that their calling you names is shitty.  For the record i never, ever called this indignant person a cunt or a bitch. I never insulted them when they did worse.

Im a little thinking this is insane.

Im a little thinking this persons prideful ass might actually be, that amazingly, nasty. I mean, to me, even if i was initially wrong as they thought i was, for then to want to paint me as the person i was attacked as (Some “Cater to me”, “you are a cunt” and “you are a bitch” sayer – i didnt . . . .) is just . .  .crazy.


A lil disturbing.

And i guess they hafta have reason to want to see it that way.

That really fucking sucks, but thats allll i can really add to it right now. I dont know if therell be a point to add more and thats a shame.

Ill have to be more careful in the future. About many things. And also spelling.  Man I get fat thumbs when I’m texting to put a situation away as quickly as possible sometimes. That’s not a plus.


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