Honestly, maybe I’m weird

(actually yeah, I am weird)

but we’re doing it wrong.

Not me tho, I’m the best.

(Can’t you see in the url? It says so right there.

And I don’t see a site named Ericisnotthebest.com so . . .)

Cause stuff like Starshmucks and chipotle on some level piss me off

I mean I tried it, volunteered to go and it left a bad, salsad taste in my mouth.

And the fact that they can be overcrowded, while the people doing the brunt of the work I don’t think will see the brunt of the profits.

I dunno, it seems like a sneery system.

But maybe some people like that ish.

Not me tho.

If I go to starshmucks I want a medium regular black coffee. 2 dollars is fine.

But I still can’t support an empire that wants to add 6 syllables to a bevvie, and maybe 300 cals and 4 dollars.

At least put booze in it. . .

So anyway. . . let me start off with my first post, being a serious rawrawrawrfuckyou to the starshmucks empire of america.

Cause . . . I’m just so angreh at the shitty places to consume within the heart of Manhattan!

The rat race almost makes gangs of new york look romantic, and those folks were worse at making sweet sweet lurv.

So anyway . . . .fuck you starshmucks!  And . . . Chipotle! And Potbelleh. And every other “let me charge a premium for basic shit” resort in nyc.

I mean if you’re gonna do something premium or higher or exotic, make it special.  But when you’re just like “lol shitty burrito, you want guac with that?


(making it a 12 dollar burrito. The people who invented the burrito might laugh at this)

Well, there’re sociopolitical implications of this that’re just god awful.


(You know who you are.)


Anyway maybe more on this rant later. For now I just like having a better named blog and may just be da best.

And there I made a post.

(And it’s not even the best.)

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