Youthful ignorance isn’t useful ignorance with a lisp, fuck

I might aggravate good thoughtful young people with my thoughtful aggravations.

But mine are the best and that’s why this page exists, so deal with it.

Till the day I die, I’ll get to know that I spent part of my 28th year of life living with and being pissed off by 18 year olds.

Grand 18 year olds.

Wonderful ones, really!

Who almost wholly pissed me off,

despite being great. All of them! (Cept one.)

Wonderful people who I’m sure none of whom will end up being a louse.

(Except one. But his mom will make sure he isn’t homeless so whatev)

I realized (way late) things younger people can make more evident than older people, and it’s a fallacy that’s coming out with a certain style of thinking.  And everyone’s guilty of it across all age groups – it’s just something the youth can make more evident than just about anyone else.

Picture this:

A bunch of folks are sitting in a room smoking a hookah, and one of them says “I think Godzilla is the most wonderful movie ever. The romantic interlude between the protagonist his female counterpart is the greatest love story ever depicted in film.”

If you disagree with this statement, it is self-evident as absurd. But if you try to understand this statement, you’ll probably at least try to put yourself in the speaker’s shoes.

Now if they’re the shoes of an old cool professor type, you might assume things that you don’t know, that they saw some godzilla that you haven’t seen that had a surprisingly good love story? Or that they’ve watched too many movies and it’s given them an interesting perspective.

But, if that speaker is a 14 year old kid, you just really can’t do that, and when you learn that they’re talking about the last godzilla that just came out on blue ray you might have to spew mental energy to go “hang on, hold yer horses. . . . have you seen every movie ever made?”

But that’s a waste of breath.

Obviously, that person didn’t.

Obviously, what you should garnish from their statement is that this movie has a surprisingly enjoyable love twist for them, and maybe you can dig that too. And that becomes reasonable, far less absurd than the haught taught to this person as an ideal way to go around presenting your enjoyment of movies.

And that’s a thing I’m worried about after sitting around and hearing how a buncha youths who’re more normal than me hang out, that this sort of haughtiness gets by more an more.
I can see it with man-children, too.

And when I bartended – something that’ll put you in the service of all sorts of man-children – I found that about a 3rd of the boys who were drinking, and who should’ve really been at home getting some epic video game experience on, is that they’ll work really hard to intellectualize about a beer. They sound like Sim characters more than people.  One will hold up their craft beer and go “HOOBA HOOBA, HOOBA HUA.” and the Beta males might go “ooba. Ooaahh . . . ”  And the first will have a sip and go, “. . .Hoobaaa! Hooba haa. Hooba hooba ha! :-)”

Because, the topic isn’t really beer. It’s who knows important enough shit to make important mouth sounds about beer.

I am ranting all this because, there is a style of thinking that goes with making these mouth sounds.

You can bluster and mew about . . . anything, even the greatest godzilla movie, but you shoot your credibility in the foot as soon as you try to oversell it.

And in line with that, PEOPLE, not just the youth (but we’ve got to be especially careful to train youth to do the opposite when encountering this for reasons I’ll maybe babble bout) – some people try to oversell their credibility to make these HOOBA HUAAAA 🙂 mouth sounds in anything.

It leaves no room to say the phrase “I don’t know” which is actually rather marvelous – because, it’s marveling that you haven’t learned something yet.

It doesn’t leave room for someone to BE the smart one to say “let me find that out tho” and use something like . . . a magical smartphone to access the vast wealth of human knowledge.

And the more “Hooba HUaaaaa!” you add to the room, the more you exponentially squelch that slow and deliberate approach to finding something out after a marveled “hm I don’t know.”

The blustering Hooba huaaa:-) leads to competitions to who can say the most ignorant thing the fastest and most assertively, and who can argue and defume that.  And I think it takes a lot of time to stop your thinking to point out stuff like “Defume isn’t a word man.”  I mean, during this, you can think of nothing else, which makes it a form of thought control to force someone to engage your babble and drivel.

^I mean at least with this shit, at least you can leave at any time.

(Knowing tho that ericisthebest.  Because that’s the site’s name.)

Anyway, this entry started off with a cheesing of the youth.  And what I really wanted to point out is that this tendency to HOOBA HUAAAAA 🙂 is more distinctive, and uglier on the youth because

1) The youth has the greatest capacity to learn. They can watch and breath more . . ..languagemoviesmusicidealsnumbersletterssymbols than anyone else. So when they’re wasting their breath and time stopping to announce what is “the greatest” anything it’s like, whoa, it’s more obvious that said young person would rather contain their self in a lil thought-box more than expand on it.

2) What limited context you have! It’s easy to assume a young person hasn’t watched a whole lotta movies or drank a whole lotta beers in our above examples. Maybe that’s why their conjecture comes across as more desperate.

But I’ll also end with pointing out : tired, old people do the same. They just do it more profoundly, and possibly less obviously if you treat the blusterer with authority. Cause especially when it comes to racial, ageist, or even many cultural arguments, that sort of preclusive thinking of “oh of course, hooba huaa! can kick in.” People who have to narrate absolute context instead of have that peaceful, slow, deliberate, painstaking, observational roundabout style, or at least who can engage that, they come in all shapes and sizes.

And today I just want to not be reminded of youth who might not do this extra hard. I feel like it’s rarer and rarer to meet a “hmm, let’s figure this out” person who’s slow and deliberate and under 35. Instead people want to activate sense words like “See” and “listen” and then dictate (limit) what you take in. Junk like elitedaily and thoughtcataglog expose this plainly, and that’s written by kids.

(Fookin thoughtful kids. More or less.)

Meanwhile, it’s a super power to appreciate what you don’t know and figure out how to know. And that’s made more beastly with smart phones and web access.

The real trick still comes about when using that power wisely and learning when to present that you know what you’re talking about, and that you know how to know what you’re talking about.


~The Best


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