Fuck You Taylor Swift is Great

This isn’t even borne from a hatred of Kanye West.

It’s born from a love for this:

I work with people who’re smart and often ambitious.  That’s great. But this also leads to stuff getting under people’s skin.

And having a thing that’s got a fun beat and is pretty silly but also has a serious message of “honestly fuck it and enjoy the fact that you have the power to enjoy” is just . . .SAGISTIC ADVICE.  If you don’t like something do better, fix it, find better, and enjoy that you can enjoy good feels all the during!

Also! the track is just WAY better than the following:

So I think it’s funny if we’re in a culture of squawky, opinionated young people who love to hate on something cause it’s got the brand Taylor Swift on it, but thinks a song where you’re doing work if you shake your booty is ok. Shit like that is why anaconda exists.

And also, lol

Something about being untouchable


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