Your face is looking good


A solid friend got into a car accident today.  Doesn’t seem to be her fault.  I have a self absorbed note where I feel like her sounding board until some more convenient person comes by. I probably shouldn’t have come home and tried to make myself available.  That was dumb.  But I was also really really tired at work and couldn’t focus.  Kept having mental images of her hurt.  That was still dumb.

Suicidal buddy isn’t really suicidal probly (depression note was spot on.)  He moved to texas and shit.  Seems much happier.

Some kids were throwing ice on the street the other day. One thought he was hard and was challenging people to a fight.  Closest I came to throwing down with a teenager in a while. Present company was adament about pressing on.  I still don’t like chucked ice.  My mind seems to have developed tactics for if this happens again. Yey.

Beyond Earth is a refreshing game.

I meanwhile, don’t know if I lurv people.  Less so lately.  I took a D&D allignment test and for the first time I didn’t get a ‘Good’ allignment.  (I used to get Chaotic good even though I always thought neutral good was most attractive.  Then I used to consistently get Neutral good.)  This’s the first time in my life I’ve been assessed as Chaotic Neutral.  Am I crazy, or is 3rd?

Didn’t win the pot at work. (It’s a joke.)  Ah well.

I’ve noticed at work there’s something inhumanizing about people’s body language and walking aroundedness.  I wanna call some people out for lacking common curtesy, but, that’s kinda silly.

I’d have to say that there seem to be fewer and fewer valid ambitions.  I mean, I could make some money.  And then spend it.  How ordinary.  There was once a time where the quest for evolution and knowledge was a thing.  I find that I’m doing this sounding board consumerist lifestyle which’s . . . the last thing an overpopulated culture needs.  Even a good sounding sounding board.  Even with tasteful consumption.  But it’s the same old, the same old.  I’m running on two hours sleep now.  It’s easy to take the easy way out, count the bottom line at the end of today, and do it all tomorrow.

I hope that last part is just a tired me talking. I kinda want to want to hit things a little.

Edit:  I I I.  There seems to be a theme here.  Ah well.


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