I guess I’m sensitive if people pull my name and actions through mud.

This is a big thing to me in the end. I’ve lost friends from this because I’ve simply felt that they aren’t friends, and cut’em after that couldn’t own up to it within days.

(I’m not saying it’s cool to be whimsical like that either.  That might be sad.)

But it’s a negative behavior, and I’ll not to do it myself, consulting with others with an issue that may or may not have some legitimacy, but telling it with a spin shouldn’t be acceptable behavior. That is shit talking.  It’s different than stating the facts of what a person’s actions are, and making a distinction between your feelings and the events.

That’s how to avoid being like fox news in your daily recap.

I do believe that, true friends should be careful about the names and reputations of their friends. You’re really just a person playing games with other’s interactions the moment you use it to take higher-ground in the eyes of others, and, you’re not on the same team the second you make that distinguishing exaggeration.

E’rrybody, be good.


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