Troo Lurv/h8 Connect (in music)

You’re at this thing and think

Like, dat voice

(Yes btw)

But then pick up on that gurl who’s all like:

which is like a good start, even tho at first she’s into herself like

and you get these vibes, cause you end up talking to her and she eyes you like you’re delicious and the next thing you know you two get deep into it and somehow it’s odd and then it’s all awesome like

and it’s like, alright, I bet you have plenty to be sorry about, meg

and she’s all like, yeah, well

and you’re like, “Really? . . .Any which way”

and she’s all like “ohyawell:

and you’re all like :-X

and she’s like “Yeah . . ”

and you’re all like “you’re not a monster you’re just special, Meg.”

and she’s all like yeah, whatevs.

And then eventually you both just have a day full of the right kind of shared yeah

and go home after and realize

And that’s just another reason why Meg Myers should be my ex girlfriend.

(Ok, that’s not exactly why, but the songs are awesome.)


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