Two things!

I have to not blog too hard on a big ole topic to me because, I have a life it can’t be traced right now

But I truly appreciate that a lesson it’s treating me is to not get caught in one little box.  Some are attractive to get fixated by, some are CAPTIVATING to thought, despite being disgustipating. (You know, those insipid, aggravating issues and ideas in life that take all yer thought and time.)

And, there’s always a bigger picture.  In business, a bigger vision, scheme, opportunity, option, and it may take a lil creativity to figure out your best solution but life is always worth enjoying whenever possible, and it’s usually possible.  Sometimes it takes a lil grit, patience, boat or bar hopping, whatever. But seriously, don’t compromise yer inner bamf just to stay within a tiny box. That’s all I’ll say for now.


I’ve felt really affected by this random statement that the difference between a dream and a goal is a plan.

With that being said, I’m sick of the dreamy whiny wannabe that I’ve been acting as for the last year, and while I’ve had random set-backs (dying grandma is legit. Imma relax about that Weds) I’m planning to write on harder than I plan to marathon. This means 2.5 hours a day. Tomorrow I’m gonna figure out the when and how that I can do that. As in, if it’s possible to arrange it around 11am that’ll be ideal, otherwise, i’ll really have to stop indulging myself at home for a while the way I do (food n drink are wonderful, but counterproductive when you wanna keyboard jockey, honestly)

Phase 1: Complete this round of disjuncture edits- this involves killing my darlings.  I am about to murder one.

Phase 2: Send batch of queries with updated diminished word count.  I’m sure I can get at least 15% down if I’m really abrasive with myself.

Phase 3: Bahamut.  Synopsis – and then I wanna get to the part where I murder all the things. Or where the tattooed guru write snakebites R2D2 orochimaru style.

(That’s one of my callings.  Making statements like that have context.)

I also wonder if there’s any way to get more of that pre-workout reasonably.  That shieza really did make me wanna wordspew.

*haz warm fuzzy wishes for the world*


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