saturday’s entry . . .

Reconnected with the graduate adviser I best manned for from behavioral neuroscience lab. His ass is now a Ph. D in doing a cross-professorship in Singapore (GO MAN) and I think he has no clue what I’ve been up to for the last 4 years. (Wonder what’d happen if I shared, but I’m kind of just proud and impressed with what he wrote.) I had such a warm fuzzy feel when I read his response email, and that’s why I put so much into the guy in the first place. And right back, too. He’s got another with a different Way, and I kinda love and hope the best for him too.

Really think it’s important to know what you have, what you can grow, and keep moving forward with the best possible in your gut. Less apprehension, less negativity, but you lose the second your spirit is more deconstructive or insecure than constructive towards what you see is a better end. That advice goes for everyone . . .

Anyway, went to MOCCA yesterday. It’s pretty much the Indie-comicon.

This thing^

For 5 bucks you get lots of comics, books, styles, people selling and giving away cool shtuff, and you will see how all these illustrators, both starting and established, are putting themselves out there. Was a little flooded, but a great time. Hit the park after and at first, I guess I had my normal mix-vampire reaction to the sun. Here are some silly pictures as proof


cause then, like many things, I got used to it sorta fast.


And then, no one even knows

Went to a talk after, and i’m not sure I loved the academia pretentious NPR vibe. But daydrinking and night shmoke and pokes makes me think hey, not bad.

Disjuncture’s getting a lot of polish (this’s where my 4am’s been going)

Sushi buffet Sunday. Yeyeyey. I understand that taking pictures of great foods that you food is a new trend, so this is a picture of the glass of water that came with it.


It was almost as delicious as my cat



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