Checked into a tumblr

Passive aggressive for me? Lets post indignant shit on the interwebz because it always halps our personal narrative when the other party’s just a butt in our minds. My remix:

I don’t respect people who don’t respect me. 

I am not going to apologize for asserting what I wanted or deserved, too.

I am done settling for people’s perceived acceptable treatment. 

I won’t hold people with close or high regard who take to immediate fuck you texts about how I’ve “clearly got no drive beyond my self justified motivations” 

Who respond by telling me “I’m just a spoiled ass.”

I also won’t reach out to confirm that inflammatory entries with strange timing are above their author, after the author’s proves capable of telling me the above. (Or apologize for not.)

And I am not going to be The Boy who just cries at the end. (Maybe tear up sooner, but learn why and move forward as gracefully as I can manage, which, I think I did! Overall, I give myself a C-)

Or wonder if I’m regarded negatively in tumblr posts.

Dont think thats the same as demanding that you are a weak, appeasing shrew girl

I just don’t celebrate folks who say things like “I just need to cut you out completely” and then explode and tell me that we’re never talking again because I distanced myself on facebook so that I’d think less about the above.

@The Author

Uh, not really the villain in your tumblr post. In fact – hope that’s some other person.

Cause maybe I was once confused, but it’s super simple : hai don’t be a shrew, and keep doing you.

But here’s a big thing I think is being interpreted as me being like “APOLOGIZE NARRRR” — I just can’t hold people in close or high regard who’re too busy trying to figure villain or victim with regards to me, for goodness to grow. Folks just tend not to relate real well after too much of that.

It’s why I pushed a button online.

Also, I really hate seeing you just flair up with mad . . . you get . . . nasty, and it makes me feel like shit. And even though there’s normally not tiptoing in a dynamic with you, tiptoeing’s what it is here regarding sensitive areas, and you can’t seem to tolerate how a bruised ego can make one walk funny, or that someone doesn’t have to appreciate all your decisions.

(A cool thing about me though is I tend to recharge given enough food  and space – I’ve learned that much.

Come at me haters.)

In the end, I just really hate being regarded like an oppressive spoogemonger / POS with no ambition that’s movable from the outside. Like, nah.
That’s a black hole, and because I am self-involved, the second part actually messes with my head and makes me wonder if I’m just incredibly selfish with everything I actually wanna do, while some things I really oughta do without doubt.

So just, nah.

If it helps, I know what I should do, and’m pretty optimistic about making moar great people really fuckin proud in the end

(Since the first day we talked I always hoped you’d be on that list, but I can’t win everything.)

Yet, there’re still like a million, billion victories to be had. Probly literally.

And I just don’t care to, or wanna to trip over this harder, or again. It’d be nice if you didn’t get that twisted with someone who wants you just to be meek or shrewlike – I just don’t like firebreath summaries of my character that sound like NIN albums.

But just maybe you feel that making me a symbol of what you wanna grow beyond makes that growth more tangible. Alright, have at it.

I also still hope you find whatever it takes to win at happiness, but like you, I meant the part about keeping people who’ll treat me certain ways with a closer, high regard.

(Funny how that works.

Oh, silly digital age.)

I wish the best

^Edit: Apparently the post which triggered above wasn’t about me. Just like every other passive aggressive self afirming personal narrative post that resonates with the situation you wont talk about but bearing resentment about daily  \ too busy doing sabatoging things, possibly to earn the affections of a controlling kid. Possible not. Sure. But gais, gais, remember, direct contact is not optimal, and it’s always important to air your dirty laundry on the interwebz.


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