I rule.

One thing ill never like about say, justin beiber, is his shit is aggrandizing. Sometimes people feel bad, and sometimes nasty things are a part of life. Its why im not sure i love pop music as a platform, while cats like moby come up with creativity from the entire range of their life and get way less in the short term for it – in fact, they get a lot of shit. Mobys album reviews are scathing! Im still not sure if its best to put all an artists rawness out there, in fact thats where discretion is a real part of distinguisihing the best real artists, but, theres a difference between marketting your name as a branding production thats supposed to make everyone pumped, and honestly expressing reaults from your life. The pump is a commodity. Yet real people have real feels. Theres a lot to be said for ruling your own world, and not needing others enjoyment to validate what is real in your life.


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