It, is, amazing outside

Neighborhood’s changing so that’s it’s getting nicer and nicer every day. (In the last two weeks, it’s apparent, especially when going out during school hours.)

Regarding personal life, some people are just, kickass. Great boons. (Buddy taking me to Bad Religion = awesome: lyricist has a ph.d in evolutionary bio and it shows in the punk rock lyrics – drummer is great, the bassman is manic.)

Grandma’s recognized my voice every time I’ve visited and smiled immediately lately.

Halping the cuz move following epic hiking following “Light” day at gym to follow up big hiking has triggered a fitness kick I’m still owning.  (Dad-shape is cool and all, but certain things are just better with a six pack, and moreover a body feeling lighter feels great, breathing better is great, and thinking clearer is the best.)

Shadow of the Hegemon is a great read.

Integrity is king. Means being anti-manipulate information selfishly. Working to be able to provide actually decent information is what makes a person wonderful. Anything less is bullshit.

/Living an existence that is b.s. free is the way to be.  Just say no to hubris, manipulation, tactics and faces. That shit’s for games, and I’d rather be a helluva worker.

Speaking of which-


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