Today worked out right

Woke up, learned who’s the best, and then we went about our way

And then I’m doing edits, trying to smooth out a complicating transition I know could be done better (31 pages, single spaced.

And like everyone, I get tired after an amount of wordsmithing.  And I reached that point within these 31 pages today.  Instead of question whether the fact that I’m not enjoying this part of revising my manuscript means it just sucks donkey balls and that I’m completely wasting human time, I decide I’m gonna go for a jog, because, 1) I NOW HAVE PURE CAFFEINE and 2) I’ve actually learned this, you don’t try to keep writing or editing after this point.  You’ll make noticable mistakes.  You’ll be faulty.  You’ll rush because you want to reach the end.  And, nah,

So I decide I’ll jog. And for whatever reason check facebook before I go HO! A message

My buddy is in town from Portland (Oregon – not the Maine for road trips one) and just a mile away.  Wants to meet and I decide hey cool I’ll jog there! Say sure, charge music on my phone, check, on my way and


It’s one of the good guys from JPMorgan, y’know, one of those folks I was thuper thilly for going to happy hour with and, he’s got an extra ticket to the Foo fighters who’s playing at citifield tonight.  Floor seats. I have 20 minutes to spare if I leave immediately. Which means



GUESS WHO GOT FREE TIX TO SEE FOO FIGHTERS?  YA, EYE CONTACT DAVE GROHL MANY TAHMS.  Ya, they rock more than your mom and I ever could together.  And now I’m tired. And those guys have more energy than the young.  And, what a hell of a night.  Of a day. Everything fit together.


Ya so this happened

And I kinda still believe everything that’s happened was meant to.  Duh. Happy hours and this guy leaving JPMorgan the way he did (getting axed by a bullshit artist) wouldn’t lead to his having the resources for his growing family today or less importantly, our having the show we did today.  And maybe I’m supposed to be trying my best at my pace for what I’ve said I’m gonna have to dedicate to forever right now.  Maybe everything had to happen the way it did for me to be where, and with whom, and on what, and about, the way I am.

Today ruled.



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