I went out to grab some cat food and coffee, and when I came back Jaidree was in the back yard sounding really urgent.  “Hon, can you come out here I think there are some kittens in these bushes.”

And because her tone is so urging, my first thought is “What’s the big deal?” cause strays and ferals are all around the neighborhood and I have my Aminal, but I step outside and immediately,

MEW. MEW. MEW. MEW.  Really crying, desperate, higher pitched than normal mews  And because of how they sound I grab a stick and, lo and behold

2 kittens.  Looked like their eyes just opened and too walk to even crawl right. Tumbling over each other. Lil furballs.



This one’s simba. Will upload a katniss and maybe a vid later cause OMGER-EEEEEE

I ❤ how she got all panicky, and it’s umpossible to look these buggers in the eye without melting and going AWEAWEWEAWEAWEO, so, we waited around a couple of hours to make sure momma wasn’t coming back. By the time right before sundown we decided to grab them in the kitty carrier (got formula, bottle feeders, they’re REALLY comfortable together as soon as I put them on top of some downy cushion in the carrier) and I held the white one in a gloved hand I saw she was ashy and dusty and wittle ribs were starved with a distended belly.  Both fell asleep the second they were placed on something that wasn’t the concrete slab that was only protective of sun that we found them on. Yeah, momma hasn’t been around for a while.

I’ll upload pics and maybe a vid later.  The white one has totally gotten much more used to bottle feeding and is more much chill and likes to go to sleep in your in response to belly and head rubs inside a warm paper towel burrito.  The black one is much more feisty and hates being fed, despite the fact that every time I’ve done it she’s gotten stronger and stronger, which to me is proof that she needs it.  I’ve already teared up twice cause they’re so fucking cute and I don’t care, fuck you.  I’ve also gone “EAT IT I LURV YOO” mode as I’m pretty much force feeding the black one until she’s like “OH YEAH! FORMULA! GNOM GNOM GNOM. OK I HATE IT AGAIN BAI NOW WAAAAAAAAA”

I don’t lurv cliches, but the little white one is defiitely more angelic with how much more cooperative and snuggly she is with the black one (who is far stinkier, and despite being an ADORABLE fuzzball I’m afraid definitely needs deworming.)    She likes to talk like a crazy manic fem lesbian who can fly with her own rocket propelled farts (think: Wheeeee!)   The black one is megalomaniacal, and likes to talk in a seething smeagle-like “SOOON H00MON, I WILL GROW BIGGER AND STRONGER AND I WILL DESTROY YOU. FOOL MORTALS, SUMMONED AT THE RIGHT TIME BY MY POWERFUL MEWS, SERVE ME, STOP FEEDING ME, NEO, NEO, STOp, STOp, WHAT IS THAT, DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM, I AM YOUR GOD, GNAM”     Yes, I just burst out into giggles as I typed that.

I don’t think Aminal takes well to other felines and don’t feel like being a crazy cat guy hosting and narrating acclimating kitty power struggles. Jaidree’s got gerbils and again, unfortunately deworming’s needed at least on the black one, I’m 98% sure, and they’re too young for the stuff we’d get at petco, so we’re gonna have to drop them off at the shelter soon. Originally we wanted to get them homes among friends (was our excuse for taking pics and shit) or at least among people interviewed on craigslist to know our work went to best use, but as they should, parasites scare the shit out of both of us.  Neither of us want mammals getting infected, so, helter shelter I’m afraid.  Still better. And they’re still, so fucking cute.

Pics later. These guys are worthit.


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