Trip was amazing

Got to cook it up.  Everyone was so cool; everything = beautiful. Driving round was split perfectly and tons of fun (I ❤ 75 mph speed limits) was fun.

Island biking. Ship wrecking. Comparing Portland to Camden to Acadia was interesting.  Tandem Sea Kayaking = hell yea. Camping = hell yeah.  Impromptu extra stop on Wercester (pronounced “wooster” for some reason.) Teaching little kids at the pool how to buy cigs, but not to do that and buy milk instead was fun.  Went from hotel room to apt to cottage to camp ground and enjoyed ’em all.

Apparently Ilya’s ladyfriend thought I was a rockstar.  This meant a lot coming from a hipster looking asian gal, but, she also thinks I’m black. So what’s she know.

To top it off, a certain book also arrived in mail in proof form, and that’s what’s to do.  It’s um, very different than any previous copy, like that, and continue to not be done.


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