Querying Aint Fun and I don’t Give a Fuq

Actually – yes.  Yes it is.  It just started to get a lil fun, exciting even. Cause,


It’s that time.

Disjuncture is finally read.  I only read it 8 times, polished again and again.  And sure, the word count’s higher than I hoped, but it’s a good story, and my baby.

I just compiled a list of every individual agent I’m interested in.  I’ve also, for the first time ever, decided to jump into a twitter presence.  Long story short, oh, I’m back, literary world’s going to be hearing a shitton from me.

I’ve got multiple format styles reader for query (and have a clear favorite.)  I’m not really planning on using templates though, because that’s whack.   Agents are people too.  Also attending conferences, yadda ya,

I’m doing the 12 hour attention span thing. Like, the only thing that made me realize that time passed was Aminal getting on my (nekked) lap and being cuddleriffic and the change in sunlight.  But, no time.  Watch me do this harder than any date/college/university/job application gambit, ever.

Long story short.  I’m hyped. I’m feeling prepared.  It will show in my handshake.  Let’s shoot for some professional bookmaking, finally.



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