Random thoughts

Moloko is AWESOME


Am kinda formatting the smallest things in a great story so that it’s readability is masterful, but lately most books I’ve read are CHOCK FULL of typos.  Like lots. And that’s ok, cause you can attune yer mind to pay attention to plot.


I’ve dealt with some tiny people and tiny issues in ze past.  But I’m also a little weird too in how I’ve dealt with ’em.



Embracing a cause bigger than one’s self is still an important main theme of disjunck’cha



Netflix is good for comedies but much more is usually meh.   The stuff that makes people go to netflix is the same stuff that makes people forget that alternative music exists.  It’s not that alternative music is “everything else sucks and I’m a snob.”   It’s that alternative is “HEY THESE RHYTHMS SOUND REALLY GOOD TOO!”


I used to know a bunch of dirty jokes, but now my main go to is about Bee’s that make milk.  Hum hum.


I’m pretty sure GOOD JUDGEMENT is the main lesson of game of thrones.  Screw morals, resources, etc.   If you don’t practice judgement that ensures the survival of your own and those you care about, consider yourself brutally butchered.  (Except for Danny.  Yeah, I hate Danaerys, and think she’s a hypocrite and tyrannical whore.  It’s not that she’s a chick, it’s that she’s a horrible leader who’s responsible for most of the deaths of her underlings. I’m also pretty sure she has the highest kill count of the series, but besides language, has yet the lowest skill set.)


Me likey sunlight.    This is weird cause I’ve always identified as nocturnal.  Maybe I’m just supposed to be  a happy individual and make the best of my circumstances? Fak.


The gay guy on the netflix EMT show is my favoritest gay man yet.


I miss alternative music.  Seriously, with the overwhelming number of music access options – I think alternative is being left in the wind.


I like that phrase left in the wind.


Horse psychology – the stuff that explains why it’s GOOD to be stern to a horse, explains a lot of gamers.  Thanks Phill for that one.



Did I mention Moloko is great?  Jamie Collins is frikkin legit too.


V8 + cayenne pepper + olive brine + lime juice has got to be one of my favorite drinks.  Weird sounding, and not for everyone, but it’s so fucking good it makes me cry and when I drink this in the presence of people I think the phenomona should be called “gustotorially disturbed.”


What if splurge sounds like spooge for a reason.


I’m weird but a lot of people call it smart.  I don’t know what to make of that except leverage sometimes.  Yet I’d much rather enjoy being weird than do that!



My hero used to be Jim Halpert and Napoleon, but now I think it’s J K Rowling and Sly Stallone.   (Even if sly today’s a lil questionable.   Stop making veiny muscles, man. It’s weird in rocky sequels that shouldn’t be)






Actually, there’s no one body type men like.   This seems hard to grasp – and I don’t know why.   Men like a shitload of body types.   As in, if my gender had it’s say, we’d have variety with appreciable stability.  We don’t want ANY catalog gal as our only type – that’s actually kinda “ghey”  – my entire species wants to have its way with beauty, and that does come in many forms.   For that reason, you can’t pioneer any one body type and expect it to go over well to a raving applause – that’s insane.  Men and women may have to accept that being a fun, good person, is more attractive than any body.  And yes that’s a pon, and yes pun should be spelled that way.


Roison Murphy is legit too.


There are a lot of ridiculous people out there who’re ridiculous cause they’re backlashing for feeling like minorities, and that’s super sad.



I’m coming to a phase where alcohol > THC, but I’ll never, ever forsake thc completely.   That stuff leads to private enjoyment too much, and I think private enjoyment is one of the keystones to an individualistic, perfect life.  I really hope we evolve into a nation where acknowledging things like that isn’t taboo.


I like that word “taboo” a whole lot, and it isn’t because of the movie series or card game.   There’s a lot to be said for ideas that become taboo.


Some people are grown under fucked up parents, and it’s really tough cause it puts them into a state where unless they have genius elements – unless they can generate ideas that’re novel to them – they’re going to perpetuate that system they came into consciousness in.   Meaning, if you can think of novel ideas, if you’re a creative person, take pride, there’s always hope.   But if you give in to telling yourself you’re not creative, you might wanna accept that you’re gonna perpetuate what’s around you, and possible seek therapy from a creative therapist.   I know that’s a douchey thing to say, but I think creativity means exploring options and doing what you think is best.   That’s why you want a creative bartender.  That’s why you want a creative parent.  What you don’t want is a toolbag with idealizations to devalue you against, who can’t see outside that box.



Red hair and green eyes is one of the most interesting combinations to me, but red hair and blue eyes still remains by fair, the most statistically improbable phenotypes, and that’s amazing.


I might have the ability to recognize Portuguese and Irish people and identify them as such instead of just labeling them “white.”   So far in 2016, I’m on a 100% streak with this.  Oddly, I identify as Portuguese cause of my Granny and Irish because of my dad’s dad the hardest, and that’s a lil kinky considering my actual make-up.


Narcassism is a key personality trait!  Like all of ’em, it’s a power, but it’s also a hinderence, and for that reason we might wanna consider it a feature of a human.  And yet for all my fascination of that word, I still don’t spell it right on the first try!  Wtf Eric.


If you’re a male and think your father might be a narcissist (oh, I did it right that time.  Yey.)   You might want to make it clear that you’ll fight after drawing a line that shouldn’t be crossed.  One tendency of a narcissistically driven person is to idealize people in a way that makes them a perfect creature as the subordinate to you – this is actually how a narc tendency can develop into pathological personality.
As in, a person is your ideal vision them if they’re some sorta pandering sub, and that’s not how people actually evolve.  As a parent, having a child that shows promise to your narcy end-goals for them is the result of that.  Yet kids grow up.  They do things like get smart, educated, wiser, and also, bigger, if you feed ’em right and got lucky with a solid mate.   So the PROBLEM with thinking narcassistically is that you twist their compromises and nicer natures into subbordinations, and move on without appreciating that person for who they are.  And following this kind of twisted logic . . . if the child offers to fight, and the narcy parent realizes they DONT want to fight for fear of losing, this nervous response FORCES the parent to question why they’re afraid of their subbordinated child.   What happens after is complicated, and there might be a few ways that can play out, but IF the offspring stands their ground in an intimidating fashion, and expresses reasons that their ground must be stood which are appealing, what MAY happen is the creation of a new ideal of that offspring to envalue, and not devalue them against.  Long story short, just consider the option that you DO have to look your narcy parent in the eye, let ’em know you won’t take their shit, be ready to fight with superior force.  If they recognize it, and if they have the option to team-play with it, they’ll join your team.   That actually seems to be how narcs work, if they don’t completely cut you out (and they won’t if you’re still an asset, and if you’re human, a child SHOULD be an asset to the elder.)   I know this is ridiculous, but there may be a time for some  to acknowledge they have to fight, and not cooperate with, a parental leader.

^This is all a personal theory tho, and healthy families probably won’t do this at all.  Goals for the next time  😛


Asians are NOT a people, yet the consideration of “the asian people’ = damn interesting.


I like being a nut more than I like it as a verb.


My parents (both, lol) and family is strange but SUPER legit if you know how to deal.


I need to go back to learning woo-ha karates.  Or martial arts rather.   When no one gets hurt – sparring is fun!


I can type as fast as I speak and this makes publically narrating how I’m hacking people’s facebook accounts to post bogus statuses much more enjoyable.


Revenge is a dish best served cool ‘n spicey. But even that phrasing means you’re catering to a diner.


If you take yourself super seriously, at least learn how to enjoy dancing goofily (lol on that note – I invite you to youtube “millenials on molly”)


Feeling chill and free is one of the greatest luxuries to a human.


I’m done.  Time to get to work – I don’t care that it’s saturday.   And on that note:




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