I looked it up; this is rare knowledge:

The Light of the Seven – Cersei Lannister’s play of the game theme – is the only track I know of possessing lyrics that’re exclusively karate phonemes.   I love it: so Cersei, so orchestrated –symphonic, caulculated, but also, fighty!


“Hiyaaaaa yaaaaaaaa!

Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaaa!

hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaa!

hiaaaa yaaaaaaa-“

Yep, Headley’s character couldn’t be more arch, or more worthy of some anime giant hovering mech battle-theme that’s simultaneously broody-destructive!-that its ensuing conflict approaches a literary definition of sublime.

TLDR: It’s good when a character has a moment of “MERrrrr”



“We Never Learn” is a fantastic, hilarious, read. Gives me a lot to say, but I’d rather just encourage readers think to their own thoughts themselves cause that’s why the read’s fun.



As for me:

Finished another round of edits on a manuscript today. This wasn’t easy, and carries ups and downs.

When one does these things and reaches end-landmarks . . . for me it’s similar to the last step of a marathon.  Very, “oh, done now?”  Very, “what’s next?”    Very, “it’s hard to plan for moments after this one.”

Except, I did plan, and know there’s more to be engaged so, newp — just a benchmark.  Always more to do until it’s put to rest, of course.


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