“But my glycogen!” / Jiraiya ‘n Me

It’s very important to point out that I get to type this with my cat’s head on my left typing hand and this makes me super happy and only the cat can take this away from me.  ONLY THE CAT.  And I ❤ this cat.


J: “One of the things I first liked about you is how much you love your cat?”
E: “???”
J: Look at your cat.
E: *Looks at cat. Cat looks back.*
E: *Tries not to smile then actually begins man-crying because the I-love-this-cat smile has begun leaking through fucking eyeballs.*



title is because I’ve been working my as off for the past couple of months and could not take a week to rest before a marathon if I wanted.  Glycogen is a really cool secret of long distance runners.  It’s also something that takes food and time to build. Lately        I have tons of the former.  Less of the latter.  Why?

(the cat made those extra spacebars.  We’re keeping them.  Deal with it.)

Because SIX sources of income in the last six/sex/six weeks or so.  (First time I’m bragging is here, because it’s inappropriate to get gloaty about this fact.) I had to set a cash motive to cover some goals.  I’ve been on it – in fact this may be the most I’ve did that thing that technically can constitute hustling super well! (You’ve got to read that in your best white guy voice.) And some are more fun than others. Got to produce:


with THE Brian McCarthy (and no I didn’t know he was a former porn director in addition to being THE Brian McCarthy, but that also explains a lot)


(^But it’s ok cause he’s now legally blind / didn’t find out I wasn’t white until the podcast started, and that’s way funnier.  I also kind of came off like a big ole douche in that episode, but it was a hell of a unique experience and Brian’s a hell of a unique guy who probly could’ve been a great attorney with the way he questions.)

I also got to help with a beer company’s next design for a poster I shouldn’t talk about yet.

Plus, aside from stuff like tutoring, I’ve have been busting my ass to help this warehouse get this order together, e’rry day. That’s the full time and regular.  (Big benefit to daily work) While this daily routine is intended to not be what I end up doing, I really like having a day job that’s straight up, and cut out hard work.  I like an attitude of “Fuck yo politics.  Here are results.  Money plz.  Bai.”

(I want someone to tell me I don’t work hard.  Tell me I don’t know a day’s hard work.  If I’ve got it left in my I’d probably chuckyoo.)

(Speaking of chucking folks I can throw way more now, too! It’s actually useful.)


So about this gig… one quick thing I guess I can point out, well not it uber clear how gyms are kind of a privilege symbol for most of the people who try memberships without being told to get one by some doc.  I say this because I’ve sold away my right to be idle enough to feel like going to the gym.  (Buddy almost got me involved in a half marathon, then didn’t, because I almost laughed and he saw it.) It’s safe to say I’m beat after a hard day.

This’s also going to make me sound like a lunk, but I even chose to buy protein powder for the first time a couple weeks ago. This is necessary when you’re moving literally tons and tons a day. I’ve been craving meat like nothing else — a stupid amount — and it didn’t stop until I had a double foamy chocoshake.

Anyway this’s a good ole America kind of work.  The stuff we sell is necessary to keep this country going.  We’re an important step in getting that out.  I like how that alone is a wordy description for what the job is. This’s unlike another jerb I’m thinking of, but don’t want to get really into.  +you learn that while as a warehouse guy – there’s a lot of are you able to lift / do you know how to lift / POWERDRILL! / construct / deconstruct / palette / Forklift / stuff.  My favorite part has so far been that the people I work with are work oriented. The feeling is like riding in a brand shiny new car when you feel like your coworkers are there to do a job, and do it as jobly as a pro should do it until it’s time to head home.

Plus, the whole point of busting my ass is coming into fruition. Now, visiting my buddy in tx is going to work out. Hawaii = going to be a thing too! I’m really, reheally looking forward to exploring some new roots and horizons on the southern most point in this gaddang nation.

But here’s something I’ve had to get off my chest after working while listening to :

all day

I’ve randomly realized: of all the characters on Naruto, gonna have to pick Jariya as who I’m most like, or would idealize being.  Sasuke, Naruto, or the lazy shadow-controller have been broached before, but here’s my very important thinking on this very crucial topic:


Naruto and Sasuke are largely about talent and loyalty.  Naruto is capable and focused, and naturally talented at having lots of energy and endurance. He’s less talented at anything else, and has to work harder to get to a high level of anything.  He does.  He works insanely hard.  He’s also relentlessly loyal.  Relentlessly.  You can betray him openly, and he still loves you until you love him for it.  This is actually his superpower.


Sasuke is about loyalty only to yourself and your cause.  Sasuke is actually psychopathic in how he handles his stance on loyalty.  He’s tried to kill his allies more than half the time. He’s tried to do so proactively, and practically.  Sasuke is also ridiculously talented at all the things to the point that it’s not fair.  He’s also super cool until it’s revealed that he’s insanely hot headed and warm breathed, but those moments’re kind of respectable and furious too.

Well, I’m not like either of these characters.

Regarding talent and hard work – hey there’s both.  I’m just not sure I’d work to get a shadow clone technique in after proving utterly talentless at it unoriginally, unless it was super important.  Off the top of my head, I think I’d sort of want to focus hard work into my strengths (even if they’re toads) instead of trying to transform my weakness into one of my main strengths.  But I’m also not sure I’ve experienced that sort of feeling of ineptness, and can only think of swimming (I sink more than most people) and pulls ups as a kid…..

(I know, those’re lame examples because life isn’t fair.)


I’m not like Naruto in that there’s no way I can see a practical cause to unrelenting loyalty. Sometimes people suck. I would not call them friend once I see how it’s a type of suck that is hurtful.  I feel like that’s alright as a universal philosophy, but also know enough to know there might even be a better attitude than that. I’d also most love to follow my own path and interests.   I don’t want to be a part of an order I feel is disordered. I also don’t want to spend my life in the pursuit of a vendetta.  I think life comes packaged with the potential for so many pleasures, +so many unique gifts.  I definitely think it’s best to use your unique gifts to the fullest, but mostly so you can go recharge and really enjoy yourself after doing the right thing a lot.  This means I wouldn’t kill a friend to activate my super power.

So contrary from N & S, that all fits in with the pervy sage’s MO.

Further, aside from his fixation on steamy baths, he even wants to chug out some writing he did on the side.  Yeah, he’s insanely talented, but what’s great is he’s actually a fucking nut.  He uses toads yo, toads, in weird fricken ways.  He is a rasingan master, which is significant because it’s a technique that represents a pretty goddamn innovative use of forces to an effective result.  He’s more of a badass teacher than anything else as his role on the show, but he’s a teacher who’s like “k gluck love you bai!” after having as good as a time as was practical for him during that mentor experience. He’s sensitive but a man.  And the only way to take him down of course is to be a betraying piece of shit.
Man, fuck you Pain.
Jerk face.

But Big-J is a smart and benevolent pervy self-taught teacher guy.  It’s more that other people say how great he is more than he’s all like “I’m one of the three sannin suck it!” (Although ok he rarely does that.)   He’s a relatable gandalf, and personality wise?  I think he’s where it’s at as a perfect old guy.  He’s the naruto character who’s the bestest, on a show with a shit ton of good character.


Now with all that finally said no where, I’m still really enjoying having disjuncture to look at summore. This is just what I’m gonna do right now, because I’m time poor (I miss pc and production work but can do more of that later) and have to feed my mum’s cat in two hours. This is another day I simply don’t get to Overwatch.  Crap.
Remember, if I look at Disjuncture and enjoy it, it barely makes me worse than Khyan.
Bai now.


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