Ze Past.

Who has a perfect past?

(If you do, how boring.)


Cause after doing some edits and realizing how much experience is projected in kooky, weird (fun ways) for some reason I wanna reckon the following:


There’s so much wisdom in leaving the past as the past.

It didn’t pull into the present or future for a reason.


There’s also so much wisdom as keeping the past as your past.

When you know it’s a past you’ve grown and moved from, it’s a little empowering.


But, there’s so much wisdom in the past.

If you live deeply (I want to put that into air quotes) and remember it well, it creates echos that really shapes how you see the present and will form your future.  You can’t live with a constantly impaired memory and grow, as much as degenerate. So this is why I think in our private worlds, leaving the past as the past, but owning it = ideal.

We get the best stories that way, anyway.


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