I put another website together yesterday.  It feels like I spent hours to cook a tiny plate.  Eaters know that isn’t my style, as goddamn fine food is still fantastic in unfine amounts – but i think it was necessary and/or helpful.  We live in a world where you’re best off having an author status before being an author maybe, so, fine.

I have some draft blog entries but will (ALWAYS) need to double think about what’s good to post “professionally” if at all.  I think those implication-quotes speak volumes enough.

I’m going through another round of reading on Disjuncture. Then I’m going for another round of queries. I’m actually grateful it’s thanksgiving tomorrow (ha.) because it makes me think waiting on querying is a-ok.  Agents and book professionals should be with their families, reading other manuscripts they’ve already queried.



Anyway, happy thanksgiving.


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