I just don’t care about video games anymore!

I’m not sure if it’s….a diminishing sense of megalomania….or because I got tired of the environment in which I play ’em….or change in other habits….or the fact that it’s kind of a lot of trouble to find the right people to get bewitched with….

but really, I just want to clean this fucking ms.  I want to watch some good shows and movies at the right time.  And I want food.  I still want to browse social media too much (and I’m not even sure if it’s that I want to or have an echo of a habit) but I’m just….meh


I was playing divinity 2 – GREAT game – but it just seems like a lot of trouble to become the god ascendant.  I LOVED it until I killed the in-game equivalant of a lich a couple weeks ago (TOOK ME 6 HOURS – fuck playing on ez mode) but then a funky thing happened

I got all this sick loot and gained a level or two, and since, I started ploughing through the game.  Every encounter since was too easy.  I keep finding stuff I wouldn’t want to use but know I should, but regardless….ploughing through the game got a LOT less fun.

I think the fun of these rp games are immersion, a little getting my ass kicked and feeling like I NEED to get better to continue.  Right now, I definitely, 100% feel that with my manuscript.  There’re so many mmos that when I think about playing them, I immediately think about grinding.  I guess I could enjoy something reflexive, but finding the time, dedicating that energy so I can go “hahah, my digital moves did more digital damage than you did to me….digitally”


Maybe my times they are a changing.


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