Red Nuts

This’s about how exposing your balls to sunlight MIGHT affect your hormones. It’s something I just read after a weird google search related to a new author’s interesting work.
“As a man on a constant quest to optimize my brain and body (including my own balls), I decided to actually look into the health effects of UV light on the genitals. To my surprise, some studies have actually demonstrated that exposing the torso or the testes to light can potentially increase testosterone. In fact, studies on the effects of light on the testes go way back to 1939, when researchers exposed various parts of men’s bodies to UV light. They found that men’s testosterone levels went up by 120% when the participants’ chests were exposed to UV light, and they went up by 200% with UV exposure to the genital area. (This was the same study former professional baseball player Gabe Kapler cited back in 2015, when he advocated for tanning your testicles in a blog post that later went viral.)”
I looked at the study, and just think that it’s possible that the gall it takes to expose these parts to sun, is more probably related to a testosterone influx, rather than some UV rays. This isn’t like how sunlight breaks down cholesterol into vitamin D, until you find the mechanism that proves that. If I went to planet fitness, and felt like I got away with hanging my nuts out in the red room, guess what? I promise my testosterone will register with a higher influx. It’s just like if I say f**k your couch, and kick your couch. But let’s not parse that out, and proselytize about beaming our nuts, instead.
I think I need to go back to school.  This isn’t how normal people spend their 5 oclocks.

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