Why Do I Think This Article Isn’t Written By a Native?



NYC Exodus?  Let me try a different take.  In chemistry, there’s a well-known phenomenon: diffusion.  It’s the process of areas of a high concentration gradient moving to an area of a low concentration gradient.  It’s present whenever there’s differing concentrations, and a temperature’s above absolute zero. And while it’s a stretch, it’s not really a big one to say that diffusion is observable as a social force too. (Look at what happens on a crowded subway as soon as it happens on a big stop.)

Anyway, New York is at anything but a city resting at absolute zero.  And with what, 8.5 million residents (not including all the visitors and events) with our population density – the forces here are every bit as demanding as one would expect.

But what? NYC is facing an exodus? I say why isn’t that diffusion? We have have 100 people leaving the most populated city in the US (by far) a day? Then, shucks, assuming no one else comes in, New York will reach I am Legend levels in 230 years.

But every year, people are still moving in by the thousands. And every day, people commute to work here.  The forces that make New York complex and testing (and great) will be here no matter what we point to as problems, because NYC will always be crowded, demanding, and trying. That’s just NYC.



Edit: I knew it.  Not to be a dick or a nativist, but the author of said article is from Ireland, which isn’t to say he’s un-American, and lives in New Jersey, which is to say he’s less New Yorker than I am.  Bottom line, yo, you can’t use dramatizing language at ordinary statistics without me getting skeptical and wondering what are your special interests.  I’m too from NYC, and too old for that.


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