Lessons Learned: Decade Review

Time is super finite, and going faster and faster, but no one can prove it.

A key trait among toxic people is they think they’re the only one’s allowed to be angry and expect everyone to validate their narrative.

Try, if you don’t succeed, try again.  If you still don’t succeed, get good.  If you don’t get good, do something else – it’s just life man, it’s not that serious.

There are songs from your childhood that will follow you to the end of your days, and it’s damn fine to occasionally remind yourself of their magic.

Not everyone ages at the same rate.

There is no shame in trying something new, and there’s tons of glory in doing it well.

Education allows for greater recreation.

Readership ain’t what it used to be, and that correlates with so much more.

Technology is way, way more than it used to be.

If you want to work out, focus on busting your ass.  Focusing on work out toys is a recipe for excuses and disappointment.

Cheaters are automatic losers.

A succinct email is more powerful than a thorough one.  Less is more.

If you don’t question, you’re a fool.

If you don’t ask when you should have, you’re an idiot.

If you just doubt, you’re a drag.

Great people tend to find gooder relationships.

If you have money, invest it in something.

Seriously, you’re fucking doofyface if you’re just sitting on any amount of money.

A good boss and a good team is many times more valuable than the paycheck offered.

You can kill yourself over not being perfectly happy but there’s still massive peace to be found in recognizing the reliability of being perfectly content.

It’s easy to identify a person who has a certain sense of magic.  It’s easier to underestimate their worth.   It’s medium-easy to be an arrogant prick who asserts a person’s undervalued worth, but still pretty easy.

“I don’t know” is only an ignorant statement when it’s lazy.

If someone can provide something that is high quality, cheap, and fast, they’re an undervalued intern.

Every action has a reaction, so someone probably dislikes you.

Social currency is a thing.

Please and thank you are important words. Even when they’re not sincere.

Some people just get a wide berth. That’s human chemistry.

If you can’t nicely tell someone to fuck off, don’t say anything at all.

Few things in life have a higher return than good nutrition.

Dependency means turning an asset into a liability.

VR isn’t exactly here, but the tech getting there is pretty solid.

If going out with someone doesn’t lead to a better night than staying at home with a tunafish sandwich, wtf are you doing.

AYCE > The Tunafish Sandwich Standard.   So go outside.

Things that are stimulating get less stimulating when a person gets really good at them, unless there is actual competition.

Never, ever, ever, not calculate the cost of doing nothing.


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