I feel like putting down some of 2020’s mind nuggets

1) Always first consider the cost of doing nothing.  There’s a surprising amount of struggling procrastinators who check their procrastinating nature and as a result make great PMs for a reason.


2) You chase your dreams, and you make it your job to not give a hoot about the opinions of assholes with shitty opinions.  Some assholes will probably make fun of you in the process, but that’s just another reason why it’s important to actually gauge opinions well.


3) Finishing an item will always and forever be more historical than starting an item.


4) In today’s world, the ability to relate and predict are the most powerful.  Figuring out where you can relate and predict the most lets you know where you trip the least, and therefore be your most mighty.


5) Don’t assume offense when incompetence is possible. Correcting something nicely has its paybacks too.


6)  Brats throw tantrums and real bosses don’t: a little politeness almost always accomplishes anything better than an infinite amount of vitriol.

7)  #6 includes being nasty.  Anyone who confuses kindness for weakness is an idiot who suffers their own station in life.  The polite person always has more potential to commit more scathing shit than the brazenly aggressive one.


8) You can put duct tape over broken integrity, but you can’t ever fix it. And you can try to have a spine, but you won’t have a good one if it doesn’t have integrity.


9) Admit mistakes. People make everything so goddamn obnoxious and more complicated than they need to be, and one of the nice things about owning a mistake is that it reduces the people follow-up necessary.


10) Some people think modesty and ownership are mutually exclusive and that’s dumb. The trick is not to be a bragging ass about it.  I do it all the time and that’s why people love it when I’m awesome.


11) Never trust anyone who is less than willing to laugh.

12) Malicious adversaries are more dangerous than stupid adversaries, but the most dangerous of all are stupid malicious adversaries.


13) Culture > Race.  But SES is always going to be the strongest correlate of anything in America.

14) Be 6’4 if possible. You may not live as long, but you’ll make an impression.
15)  Learn how much money costs: Set price points on luxury goods and premium brands.  Don’t tolerate anything beyond that price point ever, unless you’re the type of jackass who’s ok with 15 dollar dumplings.


16) Urges are there to explore and establish a personal pattern from — and it’s worth noting that all urges eventually diminish.  They’re not there to determine the behavior. Creating urges actually takes a crazy amount of magic and work happening in the body, and there are reasons why young people have a stupid number of them more.

17) Whenever people can choose between apathy or confrontation, and apathy is more polite, they’re going to choose apathy 99% of the time.  This is why Chad is Chad.


18) Don’t forget to adore the number of unspoken heroes who can put “High-functioning” in front of whatever they are.

19) Rocking the boat is only ok if it’s because you’re grabbing the oars to steer in a better direction.


20) 20 minutes of physical activity a day has so many benefits that it’s pretty much free time and unless you seriously do not have 20 minutes, not doing so is dumb.


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