Fun update: I got fed up with a thing and had to think really, really hard about how to deal with said thing while knowing that there is no right answer.

I hate those. They can be like an itch that won’t go away with scratching. Athlete’s foot of the mind.

Anyway I came up with a 3 item plan (item # 3 was eat a food) and it’s immediately better.
Item number one gave me the goomfa
to be able to act on item # 2
which just feels right, and is an opportunity but also a risk. Some things are like that.
Item number 3 is self-explanatory.

Hey we got a new president? I like that my comment is that we really don’t need me to comment on it.

I’m definitely older/crochetier, in that I’m asking “Why” in video games more often. Like, “uh…why do I care” and why am I doing these things. I think as a kid video games were an interesting way to feel powerful…and that’s dumb but I do. 8 year olds love street fighter because it has words like fight and won and beat. Today, I feel like, you know, swinging a sword through a bunch of tiny goblins sounds like a lot of work I can probably do so what’s my motivation for getting so out of breath, really?
On that note, VR has been an amazing thrill for immersion, but when you get down to it very few games are amazing games in VR — they’re more likely good or great games. There’re also personal hang-ups like, opinion time: walking super sucks in VR! Walking with a joystick is just the least immersive way to walk ever. Ever hate walking? Then you hate doing stuff. VR also has other fun factors, like how nausea and other stuff sometimes kicks in with people too — and that visceralness of it all still leads more to build on with today’s wonderful proof of concept.

So I end up at that conclusion that, once you get past the novelty of vr, you deal with fewer amazing epics like mass effect, or baldur’s gate, or starcraft. HL Alyx is groovy and all, and I’m sure they’ll come about and even those games listed are years in between, I’m just having a much harder time finding vidya games fun until they come to that standard.

Speaking of which, I replayed Mass Effect 3 and it’s still a fantastic game! A lot of people hate the writing, but I’d argue it’s so well done that everything about it that is silly might actually turn out to be a plot device. Plus, Mordin. Genuinely fair to say that I 20% played just to revisit Mordin’s drama.

Mordin is easily one of my favorite characters ever:

Neurotypical, but still patterned in a way that’s super relatable. Morality is strongly good, but he’s still forced to explore massive moral-grayness because of dark circumstances. And he’s so matter of fact and smart that every once in a while a humor quip makes just sneaks pass and into you so buttery har-har like. Man, I’m just really glad this isn’t sexual because Mordin would be my ride or die and I’d just be sad because I hurt J’s feels and also, he’s fictional.


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