Welp, got another request for a full, and this one was for BAHAMUT, and it made me wanna run around yelling “GOOOOOOOAL all day”


but instead I edited the whole thing

in one day

yeo, this one’s way easier to read than Disjuncture!


Definitely, definitely learned a lot from book one.  I think this partially proves it.



God. Fucking. Dammit. TMI

One of the things I grew in my garden is called an “Indian Ghost Pepper”.   Up until 2015 it was THE spiciest pepper in the world — losing to the Carolina Reaper.   In India, it’s used as elephant repellent, and it’s very effective.  To give an idea of it’s spiciness, a habanero pepper, the third hottest, I think, is 200-300,000 scovilles (heat units.)   A ghost pepper can be anywhere from 1,000,000 to 2,300,000.   It’s very, very hot.  It’s the only thing I’ve seen that made both, my father, and my friend Ilya make a pain face.  Ever. In my life.  And I didn’t make them eat one, I dipped a knife in this thing I make from it, which I call “peppah watah”, which is a much milder, hawaiian-recipe-based solution.  And I made them lick the knife after whicking the residue off.  And that’s still too much.  In most recipes, if I’m not cooking the peppah watah out, I used no more than 2-3 drops per cup of water or lb of meat.

It’s very, very, spicey.


Today, I made my second batch of ghost peppah watah.


Then I stood over the area that I diced the ghost pepper.

Lungs, instantly burning.  All I was doing was standing over the area to chop an onion.


Decided to switch pants.


And I’ll be honest, cause I’m a h00mon.  In the process I elected to readjust my dick.

I used the hand that held the ghost pepper in place.


Instant regret.

Instant, regret.






waking up so mehed up that you go to your garden in shorts and start weeding because pulling the ones out that you didn’t plant feels right and you don’t care if the misqueeters are biting you because you know the itch and the swell are temporary, but totally, totally care that you kill them mid-bite; it isn’t a symptom.


It’s a solution.



It’s weird; when I was young I played games, shmoked, and avoided homework too much.
Today, the exact converse applies, and I’m actually excited about the H-word.
It’s to get my butt CAMS certified, cause I think it’s a mighty investment for some great jobs out there.  In many ways, that little certificate seems more valuable than any old BA, and yesh, I’m excited.

Finished my first draft for BAHAMUT today.



Ya know, when I finished Disjuncture, Victor walked in the room right after, even though it was dawn.

Today, it was Jaidree.

I hope this book shows as much improvement as life already carries.


Anyway, I get to break, and then the real work / scary part begins.