Can today be recreational yet?

*reads shake it off entry.*

ok my other entry was a phoned in, negative, rawrawr man im pissed. And disturbed a lil, but, that happens.

Its a brick of negative. And, thats done. Shatted.

You know what else? I forgot about the shake it off entry.

Its a shame, and shit hapoens, but now i said what i have to say. Shake it off time.  I mean the philosophy shouldnt be to be so disregarding, so no need to abuse it, but after youve regarded something and identified its a thing….possibly with bad muju, or at least a lil haterade, then its time to regard a cliche as LIVING WISDOM.

So im gonna clean my house, and i have zome great plans this weekend.

Phills moving day, and party. Jaidree thesis dranks. Jackiw Whacky BeerCheese.  I should be content.

Also went an entire week without drinking btw – (maybe thats why ive been feeling sharp and intense) and got good work done. Not like that’s a big deal, just saying, I don’t seem to be craving booze (which I was for a weekend, and kinda worried meh) So . . . .keep that on mang!   Today can totally be recreational im done getting down i think. Right now it even feels like it, and im not even listening to shake it off.




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