You ever get someone’s perspective, not really agree with its result, but wanna let them know that they’re still pretty great?

(wonder if I ever have that influence, ever)


I do feel bad, that my message made a friend feel bad, and that I should’ve, and could’ve been more sensitive, and certainly cooler about that.

There were some very bad things that followed that weren’t appropriate, but, I think dwelling further is a shame shame.

Note to self: Being awesome involves making the world more perfect. Like adding to it, which is far more than deconstructing imperfections.

That’s not always wisest (to focus on add goods vs take away bads), but sometimes it is definitely wiser,

and that’s not always easiest,

and sometimes

that’s when its wisest.

I really need to take a breather tho from it.

I also don’t really lurv the latest season of House of Cards, at all.  The first season even did its glitz better.

I think we’re supposed to love following the characters based on the momentum of their initial trajectory? But the one moment Frank seems human and interestingly fascinating, his wife gets super serious and on top of the situation in a way that makes it more, productioney than something that truly resonates as a superhuman situation that I want to follow. You’ll know exactly which scene I’m talking about if you watchit.

I’m also noticing that after a few episodes the voice in my head is pronouncing the ‘h’ in Which and Whip a lot more.


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