I do know no one’s perfect


(Maybe the Caerus character is most perfect – but he’s also got that secret which is like, an excuse)

and that time either widens OR focuses perspective

So that’s why taking a step back after getting real contact (and it says something, to get that) is good

also, beer with friends really does help in having one REMOVE focus, if you do that right


and that’s the end of me escalating drama that could make drama a more escalated incident

I’m not sure about the other party, and I still think I might be facing undue villainization in that, a focus on my imperfection and it’s degree is apparently so bs that I’m being punished for it? Hmm

I dunno, really, and, that’s a lil bit of a concern, and it’s upsetting to see a person has rationalized that they can’t be nice to you, and will be withdrawing their self.  To say that you are that person in their life who makes them feel that bad?

Well . . .

I guess I’m getting a taste of my own medicine, honestly, cause I’ve done that harshly to others myself

That’s a truth

and maybe things are too weird to work on any level at all if it applies, so I don’t even wanna talk about it further, and’d like to move forward any which way


I’m still gonna miss philly willy

who is a jerkface

for moving to texas

which really ain’t sounding too bad!


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