Afore I go out!

It’s funny cause it’s true. Gnight all


I’ve actually been reconnecting with a few people because I temporarily deactivated my facebook account.  And I think the real facebook account I make should be more like a social linkedin, after getting real-published, hard.  (That’s my fantasy idea.)

But I’m getting messages from people I haven’t talked to in a while cause I’m NOT ON FESHBOOK, which I think is ironic, and wanting to know why I deactivated it and you know what?

I logged in yesterday to get that screencap and kind of confirmed that I don’t wanna use this service hard right now, because, not to say friends are vacuous, but, honestly, some of THEIR friends have offensive opinions. And it makes me wanna engage, and, that’s sillypants often, huh?

Here’s what I think plays out – if you’re SUPER INTERESTING on facebook – let’s say you have an outspoken view on a hot issue – you might post a passion on your page.  And then either you get a bandwagon (yey, you win the universe), or, someone pontificates and argues something about it, or, no one cares and people feel like no one’s listening.

And honestly, I feel like the most successful facebookers either completely get their own enjoyment out of their page like a lil scrapbook.  I also think that they DONT post THE MOST interesting things, because if they did, what happens is someone comes in, and argues and shit starts getting talked (my buddy yesterday posts a great article about adjunct professors being underpaid, and it seems like a republican cousin came in to say it’s adjunct professors for being adjunct professors [wuuuut?]) and then people’s feelings (or, mine) verge towards negative.

I hate to say it but I think my favorite facebook is like . . . .my mom’s. (She’s really popular too because arguably, she’s secretly one of the coolest art leaders evar.)

On top of that, you are pumped with news articles that are dumb – kim kardiashian’s butt, literally – and ads that you have to actively consider whether or not it’s “news” or a sponsored ad.  Honestly? I used to spend an hour a day on this shit?

So yeah, I’m a lil done for a bit. My feed makes me either wanna engage, and it’s actually a form of work to scroll through a newsfeed’s slushpile to find things to like

But to clarify, it’s not to say people don’t do it for me.  I just get tired of doing that dance and feeling like I shoulda spent more time doing other things too.

Like this white space!

Because yes, I actually think it’s cooler to scream into a white space anytime you have constructive things to say, more than coalescing likes on facebook.


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