A vague post that’s actually about 3 different things that’re all unsmart to blog about

Maybe I shouldn’t consider a universe where I expect to encounter many who’ll constantly populate my existence in a significant and sparky fashion. Looking back and around can make me out to be one of those people who whine that people expect you to either be a certain way, and then disregard you in the ways that’re important when you’re not.

Like most peepow, I lose respect, appreciation, and lurv in the face of a negligent amount of appreciation, lurv and respect. Especially if they stem from insecurities and anxieties that shouldn’t have been nurtured.

And I mean the part about insecure anxieties. Cause at the moment, right now, all my points about people who act on their anxieties and insecurities in a negative, selfish way without trying a more constructive reach-out, first, seem to have barbs in them.

I’m also the best, and think that accommodating less is just batshit dumb-dumb. I’m really fucking tired of making myself available to people who think it’s smarter to be a selfish ice-wielder in the end myself.

That part makes me angry.


I’m gonna love his memory for life.

In other news, Kimbra’s still pretty kew.


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