Well, this is life.

This isn’t about me, and I’m going to put mine aside for a second.

I have my query letter literally read to hit send to my most favorite agent. The copy paste is right on the other computer monitor.  The gmail is open with the address and inclusions in it.  Lookit the word, see?


I also edited and reformated a totally sendable MS, and was even going to share the updated, CLEAN, much needed edited, and I think it’s finally edited and FINISHED edited, first 60 pages of disjuncture, to friends.

But my father called.  And I picked it up thinking honestly, it couldn’t be something that’ll stop me now

but it was

the man sounds horrible

broken sentences because my grandmother is in the ER, right now.

I don’t think I’ve heard him sound like that ever.

He doesn’t sound optimistic at all, and my old man is a cynical but realistic man. Atm I’m glad I’ve visited grand ma, and I’m waiting for the aunt to pick me up.

This does take priority, I’ve waited months and months to do tonight’s work, and it can at the very least, wait a few more hours.

Edit: Tired. She’s actually much better than it sounded, and’ll be alright for many more hours.  But then they’ll be giving her a treatment that might kill her. Sis’s flying in from chicago tomorrow and my head’s just a little bit more in a cloud already. I hate the drama. Doing this thing where I’m drinking a lil tequila and talking with old friends online, but in the back of my head is a bit of a negative buzz. I’ve gotta do that I can, and also go with my gut on a few things. Screw plaster.


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