My sis sed the word “cunty”

And I lurv her for it.

In one of those dynamics where I want to shake another and go “LISTEN YOU’RE HURTING THIS WHEN YOU DO THIS.”  I’m sure I make other people feel this way also, it’s just,

you know, people do this thing where they say what they think should be said.  And I talk a bigt talk, but in the end, also know words don’t mean nearly as much as action. Words are used to negotiate, but the way one swims really makes all the difference and tells you how one’ll move in what’s current.

I lurv swimming.

This’s one reason why office games make me :-/   Teaches one to believe what’ll be when you see what is. So, I don’t believe in future promises. I believe in earned respect and trust. It’s a lot better than people who seem nice, or people who propose nice things.

Fucking, professionally nice people man. They make you trust less.

And now I’m doing this thing where I try and figure out again, when it’s appropriate to be nice, and when one is better off going “fuckit” and setting sparks that might turn into bridgeburners. In those situations it’s likely better to swim swim sweeeem. Contributing positive energy comes at a loss of self respect otherwise.

People should not expect me to reciprocate or create happy sunshine energy when they’re chopping down the woods all around me.  It applies to rajeev.  It implies to treating me with doubt and mistrust, but then being less reliable yerself.  Also, my sister is literally in a metal construct hurtling through the sky to approach nyc because of updates that happened as of last night, and I should still come up with a fantastic synopsis.

So you know,

good morning interwebz.


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