I had a dream

No idea how passing out last night happened as early as it did. I also dreamed, which’s really rare since I turned 12.
And in said dream, it mirrored events of the night where I had been having dranks, BUT, suddenly I woke up in bed and had to go to work. And was still really drunk.
(Which’s a dream discrepency, I wasn’t drunk last night. But that’s not the point. I sure woke up in the dream super drunk, lurid, stumbling, tipping, slurring – the type of drunk feels that’re good to dislike)
And I remember consciously deciding that I’ll sober up by the time I make it in, which, is re-re. Nope, dream me didn’t sober up one bit, and was aware of stumbling everywhere. I remember some coworkers were like “WUZ WRONG WITH HIM” and all I remember is belligerantly and so-brilliantly defying with, “LemmealoneImmascreen, now!” (Screening = doing cases)
I felt like a mess. And here’s a thing that gets me.

I’m pretty sure I did cases.

In my dream.

While Dream-Drunk.

Cause I woke up, and remember feeling like I had done screenings. I can do the main function of my dayjob on autopilot, and with the way paradoxical sleep works, it’s possible I activated the parts of my brain that allow for that in my sleep. Therefore, yep, to my thinking, I did cases virtually and in my sleep.
I don’t even care if I made a drunken error on them, a point is: That’s a bit much.
Like omgerd

I think this’s less of a dream about acting like an alky, as much as one bearing the fact that this function has gotten into my subconscious real hard. And maybe the assembly worker dreaming about being on the assembly line should consider breaking that routine. Eh?
Aaaanyway, just don’t be surprised, blogpage, if I’m not doing this job in May that I could do in my sleep. Yes, I’m still feeling a lil Bohemian. And cmon, maybe I should be chasing after wet dreams, not ones where I’m too wet and being a wetodded, inebriated work-horse.


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