Lunch Rant – 4/7

G’bye Jessica! G’bye, g’bye!

My sis kicks ass. Still not sure why she talks or acts like a guy (it’s even in her tone, Way, and speech patterns, and to this day it shocks me if a girl acts like they can’t be this.)  She’s also smart enough to be rational, and nutty.  Ok, as her brother sometimes she’s insane, but she’s still lovely, and I dig her Way.

She also said a couple things I’m still thinking about, and was said in one of those warm fuzzy realtalks. She advised me with such good criticism of a thing I do, and called it neatly, and I don’t think I’m even appreciating what she called out because she’s known me most of my life, or is my sister.  I appreciate her criticism cause she nailed it, and the effect I can have when I mean to do well.

Maybe I’ll share more later. But who gives a damn.  You’ve just gotta love people who give food for thought. That’s the point.

And on that note; I got a text last night from someone else who rules after a downed bottle of wine, stress-wise.  (I think it was stress-wise.) Said stress was due to the fact that she has a job interview, and felt conflicted.  Think it’s cold feet.

Called and to me (and to her too) it sounds like she’s got the job before she’s even walked through the interview, and all she has to do during said view of inter, is not bungle it up.   So now she’s in “What if I seriously” mode, and this is where the cold feet come in.  This’s where I’m super happy to lend some support, and it touches on a general thing, so of course I’m gonna make that the subject of my stupurfied lunch rant today:

I pointed out she kind of painted herself into this corner cause she did a great job of negotiating a high salary for where she is (oh boy does she earn it too) and, her current field is more lucrative.  So of course the new job’d pay less.  (The new job also seems to have people who don’t seem to truly respect her time so far, and may be disorganized, although the last part’s actually good cause her role would be in improving their organization. )

The job is also in an area that’s SUPER up her real alley, (ooh, ooh, and mine) and, that’s amazingsauce. In fact, this work would would test her feet in the field she’s getting her master’s in immeeediately after obtaining one (and hey, 99% of the time, ain’t that why one gets the degree) and, I looked up the person offering the position.  And that woman must be a nut, because she’s pioneered and started some amazing things.

Their organization would also make this true: this job would provide soul crushing divas/divos, OR mentors, or both, and as this person is young 20’s – that’s just what’s needed in life, isn’t it? Mentors. Everyone knows that a person who’ll teach you how you’ll fish is more valuable than a thousand fishies.  Additionally, opportunity for career advancement.  Just looking at an annual salary is just looking at a cube or a field, and we’re too young for that shit.

My two cents: Hey hi, I’ve spent the last year making moneys.  A little more, but, after that, and realizing maybe I could obtain a future where I make MORE moneys, and little more, and there’s still anxiety in that: I realized how that seems to feel stagnated, while still doing the stuff our world says you’re a good citizen living a good life for doing.

I’m on a verge of making big unconventional decisions, and it’s probably because I agree with that song by Seal. (Just a reasonable amount of crazy though. Insane breaks the membrane.)  I also like that Neil Gaiman is a vagabond.  I like how focused and driven I was in my starving artist phase more than the last 6 months where I’ve been a yuppy poopdeck.

Well, this gal had a moment where, she realized that all their life she’s been telling herself that the money doesn’t really matter, cause it’s easy to be romantic when you’re life is idealistic.  (Just like it’s easy to say that eating what you love it eat is most important, when you have great metabolism.)  Then the winetime began, cause yesterday she weighed the upper end of her offer, and got the cold feet that one should get (I do) when sanely making a serious decision, and realized shell have no disposable income of shes living in the UWS apartment she’s grown to really love.  It’s important to love where you are, too.  And sacrifices have to be weighed before they happen.

And said sacrifices aren’t mine to weigh.  I’ve just got my opinion, and every smart person, including this applicant, will have theirs. So I’m not gonna ramble further than that. My position clearly is though, she should probably do it.  This’s also a grown-ass person decision tho.

I’ll still share that I went through the same mental “should I?” EVERY TIME I took a real job.  (In fact, it’s telling what one doesn’t say “SHOULD I?” at.)   However, I think my feet’d be a little warmer, and that it’s really the apartment holding her back.  I think, that the opportunities this’d offer to her future, the fact that it’s related to her interests (and um, not gonna lie, mine too) and the fact that she’ll be surrounded by people who are into the same things: That’s many people’s dream.  That’s the dream for lots. And she wants to do more than that, and hey accepting if maybe you need to walk over some paint that you cornered yourself with might let you get to the store and buy kickass new shoes anyway.

So I’m clear, and I believe, don’t let 5 digits put you in front of a window you don’t wanna be in front of, unless you gotta, and those digits are your fingers. Salary might be one of those things that’s an excuse and a cop out to keep yourself in line and underneath people who need you available to tie their tie.

Lastly, um, I’m not gonna post it now, but for the next book I want to write, it’s about a DJ.  Stuff is gonna happen to prove he’s a music maker.  And lately on train rides I’ve been hit to make .  . . poems.  Or lyrics rather.  Ok, whatever, I just wrote a couple.  But I’m gonna save them cause they’re musical in my head, and maybe they’ll be usable after the character crafts a song. And I’m gonna keep doing that.  But please don’t interpret me as an emo high schooler doing poems if I post one of those here.  I still don’t generally really admire poetry, and a good novel is always a bigger winner for me.


One thought on “Lunch Rant – 4/7

  1. Sis says:

    I love you too, young one. And I very much appreciate being appreciated. Continue kicking ass, and don’t bother with not



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