WORKING HARDUH CAN BE HARDUH TO DO (But oh de su sez do it anyway)

I suck.

But instead of blathering on that I’d like to point out the handling of work stuff, cause it was a much tougher day today.
I can’t seem to get more than 5 hours of sleep in a weekday due to doing shit, and actually now do my team’s entire old-school case-load – ( . . . It’s turned into my current video game.)

Which, isn’t to say, a happy-to-do person won’t get this guy when more stuff is slopped their way, sometimes

(Lookit that fugly smile!)

At least when I plug into good things the enthusiasm is real (So my smile’s better. My hair too. There.)

But that also takes a lot of activity (like, I’d like to see my keystrokes metricked out.) However, one thing that’s real nice is that there’s someone there who’s actually trying to give me time to write instead of dump more too.  Got a half hour of edits in today, really appreciated that, and maybe about to do more. (Apparently I’m identifying shit sentence construction and gratuitous scene construction a lot easier than the first 5 times when I read it and just loved that it was a thing I could read.)

Anyway, the non-fiction / some personality slappy experiences / watching others go through similar (What is, timing?) is boosting the awareness of how I can come off. Thinking and handling shit better is win, and I’m looking to do (and have been) a little extra in my way about, so . . .maybe getting a lil better with folks overall as a result. (Seem to be getting along with everyone and able to do things like edit and party better.)

I also keep taking pics of their construction of skyscrapers in bk and the work area, cause Brooklyn soon will never be even close to the same.

Totally mixed a new basil-kiwi vodka infusion for this weekend’s fiesta on the ninja today, cause it needs 30 hours.  Kinda proud of the how.

I do miss having a sense of humor without stuff to react to! Like when chilling on my ownsome which used to be the case. But maybe it was just the case because I didn’t know had lots to do, then.

And anyway, the night is young, the weekend is nigh, and that’s my dumb blog entry for today.



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