She fell for it? Ha

She can get what she deserves too!

Great weekend, round two 😉


Was waking up this morning being inane with coffee on my facebook page, and noticed a post left by someone whom I learned apparently unfriended moi (I KNOW RAHT! :-O)

For a second I was COMPLETE CLUELESS as to possibly why.  Clicked on his page and had a small “hmmmm” before I saw OTHER things and who this person who’s unfriended me chose to remain connected to, then wondered if, just maybe I just connected a buncha dots.

Like I’ve wondered how come certain questions went unanswered. And it was like one of those movie moments where a bunch of non-answers kind of lead up to an answer – and, yep, maybe I was over thinking it or, just mayyyyyybe someone couldn’t let themselves be as open as they said they’d be as a way of handling possible shaming?


(And also, because I’m an asshole sometimes.

But you probably hafta contribute to make it happen.)

Ah well.

What I’ve been acting on lately is, respecting how people actually are, being brave enough to actually look at them, and smart enough to actually manage what you want actively and the most directly seems to be three key ingredients towards building awesome relationships. Seems to be working great too.

One thing is, I’m not perfect at those three things myself either, and even the best of us have to remember to do these things well when things get hot.  Plus I see it almost every day at work – sometimes people get feels that make em all GNNNNARR when they think they’re picking up on something. That’s where you wanna get conscientious in the right way.

If you give a shit.

Anyway, I’m not gonna get down about it my sushpishion. Seriously.  Plus I love some new ideas and practices (I FEEL LIKE ITS A LOT OF CONSCIENTIOUSNESS THO AND I WUNDER IF IT’LL BECOME HABIT AFTER ENOUGH PRACTICE) new blessings, and feel smart enough to not shit on them. Therefore, I’ve come a good way since I was 24: time to kick up summ0re of a great weekend.


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