Just wanna say a few things:

Waking up with my cat is like, as wonderful as waking up next to most beautiful h00mons.  Except people can’t respond to your waking bodeh by walking on your really intently and cutely before curling into a little grooming ball as well.

I ❤ positive vibes in general a lot again.  And not really having to worry about snakes.

I DO enter a different keyboard mode after midnight.  Like a lot.

I've been feeling free to do enough things with good intentions that's a lil risky, and I like this.  It's like visiting my grandma.  She won't always recognize me, but it's taking a chance that she does when I kiss her hullo and goodbye.  If she recognizes me and what I'm doing she's a lil happier.  If not, well, she can spin the fact that this tall strange guy who's not a whole lot resembling of the toddler she remembers kissed her hai and bai and she can spinnit in her head however she wants. There's still a sunlit world outside that I'll get to explore a certain way cause of experiences involving her.

Coffee's finally sinking in.  Time to keyboard.


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