That’s an acknowledgement.  Not to be confused with a complaint.

80 pages left. I think being my biggest critic is less pleasant, but necessary and gets better results than being my biggest fanboi.  So far, I think it’s working.

Will see after another critical once over, but, just 80 pages.

80 pages.

Life is good.  Learning my version of man. READING. (Yes.) My regular diction is returning.  Good movies and tv and my cat are being fully appreciated. (ANIMAL IS SOMEHOW EVEN MORE PLAYFUL MONKEY LIKE AND CUDDLEY, meaning YES, SHES STILL DA BEST CAT EVUR.) I wanna upgrade my speakers.

GA heads got me into a great shooter Dirty Bomb, and I haven’t had my hands on a game with decent twitch in a couple years now (when Smite is your best game involving reflexes, that’s a problem) and it was a weirdly inspiring way to kill (get it, kill? Oh I kill me) a couple hours.

I’m actually looking forward to a preworkout supplement arriving in the mail today cause I’m weird and want it as a booster.

Foursome road trip to Maine. I might not do all the driving this time, which would mean more book time.

Experiencing all the music again, not just rock.

My new years resolution was to be less negative. There were some major trials to that, but y’know? It’s not too late.  Considering everything faced, and where I am today, I’m kind of up for counting my blessings. Things could be much, much more negative.

Also I don’t think I’m as much into blogging as much as fiction again so, blah blah.  This is where I breakfast and chase my living, and that’s it for this tgif morning.


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