No Doubt In My Head

Heads returning to funky town.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB0sH2OpPzE]

Sleeping like a boss (when I want to)

Jaidree’s smile is like, omgerd, and makes me feel warm and fuzzy to recall.  Not saying to give away smiles, but, those things are powerful.  Hers is also more stimulating than any high score screen I’ve seen, and takes the right things to garner.

I’m walking by places that sell and serve alcohol without being tempted to imbibe a drop. I was getting worried when I was starting to crave dranks.  Of course I would be when I bartend for more than a year and DON’T get said “ooh let’s get a bottle of whiskey” but do when things start to change up.  Seems to be flipping back now. I mean, no doubt. Yo.

I’m also feeling very different than ways I did in earlier 20’s.  That’s just a fact.  Am aware I was a lot crazier about some things – in fact I’m starting to feel like music brought out an insane hamster-workout like drive in adolescents that starts to go away (Imma fight this kicking and screaming) but I’m also much more appreciative of good things too. It’s also just harder to stay hungry. (But I still kinda wanna.)

Long story, just blah blah blah.  Currently, it’s a good world where I’m in my head exactly as much as I want to be and I hope it stays that way.


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