Rush, Dranks, and Sunshine n Rainbows and Shit

America got a little gayer and that’s good.  I kinda hope if gay rights just become people’s rights that gay people will just become people.

Got hooked up with comped floor seats to RUSH over the weekend.  


^Peter Dinklage is their new lead singer: fact.

Best I could do was run around to swank dranks to thank brian, intersected by jaidreality, and, let’s just resolve in yesh.

Feeling a little like a younger sprout again at times. Older-smart though? On top of that,  didn’t expect to be enjoying life around town this much. Mine.  Others.

Even a fan of how work’s resolved and still glad I’ve made some of the great weird friends that its events have.

Sometimes a silly happy hour is a glue that pulls in your next future the way it should.


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