I left my facebook and gmail logged into my gf’s laptop . . .

And she didn’t stalk it, log into it, or act like that’s an OK thing to do for months in order to justify her selfish bullshit, and neither did she look for signs that she should turn into a delusional persecution artist at any point.  This is unlike two ridiculous girls. And y’know, honestly, I’ve never had a good experience with a woman who justifies to herself that it’s ok to lurk someone else’s shit. The principal is real: you shouldn’t have to lock your phone from someone you respect (and you shouldn’t have to pass stupid insecure tests about it, either.)

P.S. Also a basic, obvious thing to J.  (And for good reason too.) Apparently, even her mom was surprised. And I’ll be honest, when she told me about this, I especially ❤ that she was surprised that her mom was surprised.

I’ve got a good one.  This justified respect n trust (and what it results in) is 2% why I’mma devote the goodnesses.

(The other 98% is no one else’s business.)

It’s very interesting when people defend ridiculous behaviors, vs when people regret it, vs when they simply won’t lower themselves to it.  Go for the last category, people.

P.S.S.  Grimm is a great show, with kickass writing . . . as in, anyone who confuses it with that other Fairy Tale show (like I did) is missing out and should give this one a shot.


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