Lil Late Night Expresses

Freelancing – hell yeah. And I’m realizing silly small superquirk blog outlets like this are great in some ways, but a lot of the individual expressions of opinion are simply that and nothing more.  One example I’m looking forward to – little payment to write for another site and its getting published at the end of Jan. I found that doing research then writing in an effort to avoid mansplaining is super calming. I think overconfidence and the urge to shape a positive opinion from others shouldn’t be confused with actually having something new to say.  That’s one of my criticisms for this blog in the last year – there’s less spewing of found and looked into curiosities in these thoughts than the crap anyone with brain cells can do. For a bit.


Long story short, freelancing, hunting, working for other people’s tasks that are also in line with my goals – new work model I’m finding it much more satisfying than finance. (Hellllll yeah to that! I’m not waking up resenting duties and wondering if things are being played fair. And considering how much freedom I actually did experience at the last work environment – kind of surprised.)


Anyway, I can tell this entry’s running into that theme to drive with the gears nature built in ya again.  So I’ll sum it up as 2016 is going to be interesting.  I has deadlines.  Also, moving next week, but I feel like that’s a smaller fry?  (Feel like my center of existence has always been more “ok I’m warm and fed let’s get behind a pc” based more than roof-based, so at this point I kind of feel like that’s a bit more whatever.)

On a NY note – experiences of 2015 carry so much ammo for reflection.  And, Imma reflect even more I’m sure.  But maybe horizontally.  It’s been a heck of a year, and I’m now even getting old. (I’m no longer part of the forefront generation, and it’s sticking out in a few ways. ) In the end, I think this “RATTAT” of the keyboard marks time less at this point than the ticks of the pc’s clock. As well as what I do. Yadda ya.


Anyway, happy new year!  (Sis is right, not sure there’s a reason to put an S on the New Year)

Here’s hoping all h00m0n’s are doing what they think they oughta to be ideal, and reap from it what they also oughta to make that gaddamn ideal ideal


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