Random Life Ideaisms

Cut the bullshit (unless it’s funny!)


Also, share things that’re funny with people who’ll probably find them funny.


Being positive is more powerful than being negative.


Just because something is called Fight Song doesn’t make it the best fight song.




. . . . .then enjoy things around that work.


^Ya found that resulted in more work, right?  That’s good.  Do work there too.


Empiricism is the best ism.


Don’t stop.  Belieeeevin’!


KEEP WORKING TOWARDS IMPROBABLE THINGS. You’ll find the last leg of said impossible thing is probably not something you’ll let yourself give up in.  (I’m at a point in editing where every passed page is a growing percent of completion and it feels amazeballs.)


Do not EVER lose your honesty. Cut away from those who’d discourage it. Blunt people are often some of the most elite – or at least among those who get maximal comeuppances.


People think about maximal comeuppances all the time, yet probably go lifetimes without using that phrase and that’s their loss.


If you like tomato juice try this: v8, olives, cayenne, and limes. Get the goods and mix together. You’ll want to thank me later.


Cheap =/= affordable.   stingy =/= austere. Smart shoppers get the tools more often than they are the tools.


We all have distinctions and super powers we’re not aware of.  BEING aware of said power is ANOTHER super power.   With greater super powers comes  . . . . something something something. .. .ah fuck it.. . . .DO THE WORK.


Some people have bad judgements and you shouldn’t let theirs overrule, or let it make you feel some way that’ll cloud your judgement.   If you go to a high density situation: this fact will quickly reveal itself.  So remember, empathy is good — except when it leads to idealizing things that go against yer gut. In that case a healthy sense of skepticism is probably just that: healthy.


Learning how to give reasonable responses to zany happenings is part of growing up well. Getting past them to enjoy what comes after is big reward in itself.


Passed vs Past doesn’t need a complicated grammar lesson.  Past is the one that can be an adverb, or a proposition.   Passed is the only one that’s exclusively verb or adjective, and referring to that thing you do with a football.  Knowing this makes reading things like “. . . .quickly, passed his head went the goal post” Or “She was past his grief” slightly funny.


TWD comics are pretty solid.  The show is more meh.  Not to try to be a snob, that’s my honest opinion – there’re drastic, gorey, dramatic differences between the two and I like the comic’s pacing better.


Elders SHOULD be somewhat venerated, their lives respected and probably admired, but it should also be expected that they need more help and patience.  Cause mentally – even for the exceptionally sharp and organized, our abilities to retain and process information / hold multiple points will diminish.  So enjoy it while you can, and quit expecting people who’re above 65 to be the best authorities on fast happenings.



Tom Cruise will prevent disaster in every movie by running, but is still too short to make a good Cyrre.


Find people who out-dorks you.   Then work to outdork them.   It is superior to the way of the jedi.


Enjoy life in a way that you can’t hear the phrase “Like a small boat” without smirking.


Haters hate things about their own lives more than they hate you.   Enjoy yourself and let ’em be pissed.  Like even mentioning the haters gets kinda weak fast (oops)


Sometimes girls are grossed out by finding out a friend’s had a foursome.   I don’t have to understand why (but still kind of wanna!)



If you buy v8 every day and mention it once on facebook messenger, your newsfeed will populate with ads about the farmers who make v8 possible and v8 car engines, and we’re getting so used to it that that’s not even goddang creepy anymore!



Making big waves doesn’t always mean emotion.


We don’t have to be right about everything we think about, but we should probably at some point reconsider everything we think about.


I’m pretty sure emotional trauma can lead to mild ptsd, as that’d explain a wee bit about how people react after repeated b.s. – there tend to be lots of parallels in the case report outcomes for war vets / people who’ve just gotten sick of yer shit. Fun fact though, I think the most efficacious treatment with ptsd so far is still classical reconditioning – which means repeated exposures to similar stimuli where the subject learns that they’re still ok, and the flashes eventually go extinct.  This means if you wanna claim ptsd cause someone disagrees with you and then goes into emotional abuse, learn to discuss with sane people more.  In short, catering to the dysfunctional associations might make things worse.


Also, giving amateur diagnoseseseses is kinda super-douchey. (Having suspicions and adapting behavior is wayyyyy different than trying to tell someone they’ve got clinical pathologies, and it’s probably a bad idea to openly voice said suspicions thereof at all, or without a buttload of tact.)   This is a shame for psych majors because it’s saying you shouldn’t give amateur diagnosesseseses until you’re a pro, which also means being an amateaur until your a pro.  I think the quick fix would be shatting up and considering amateaur diagnosesesesese, but not giving them.


Cursing is fuckin useful sometimes, but counterproductive when not agreeing with control freaks. When dealing with those, calm and cool is waaaay more fuggin useful.


Fair’s fair oh internet denizens who’re generally more salty:  I’m updating urbandictionary and making cuntsplaining a word. (I’m also confident it should be less offensive than “womansplaining” or “mansplaining.”) Touche.


When you identify differences about someone else, you’ll hear their voice in your head when reading their words more distinctly.


Confirmed: Most adults ARE faking it.


Sometimes we get older and less fit, and yet sometimes age ages in ways that we become more willing to fight unrighteous things even harder.


Producers probably want you to like Eugene so it’s more dramatic to say goodbye.  I’d prefer the follow what’s already canonized though.


It’s not video games or producers that’re really dumbing down awesome tropes in movies or tv.   It’s the people who actually put money into these things.   It’s the preferences of the PAYING part of the audience, and the business model in entertainment promoting a catering to that which is resulting in a great dumb-down.  Same thing with the music industry.


Junkie XL is a boss and I miss the late 90’s / early 2000’s cool music vibes.


19 is pretty dang young nowadays.


Alcohol is werse fer yer brain than most things.


Except being unable to laugh is even worse.


And being unable to laugh with alcohols = da very wurst.


That’s it for now.  Back to percentageseseses


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