Mmk, I saw “safe space” used dumbly on FB

Yo when I said safe spaces are awesome, I just meant a space where we don’t have to accept policing as a valid practice. Like “I don’t aggress against my minister in church when something’s uttered I don’t fully agree with.”  For example, a minister has the right to tell me to stone someone cause they’re working on the sabbath in his place of worship, but if there’s a brunch after and he asks me what I thought – it’s 100% reasaonble to open up a discussion.

It’s simple as that, cause discussion still is king.  Yo, safe space doesn’t mean everyone must love and appreciate the entities in your space or be quiet about it.  Screw that entitlement.  I write all sorts of crap all the time, I’m not sure I’d appreciate being admired for every, itty bitty word I wrote – some of it’s got to have flaws!

Just, this phrase that’s becoming a cliche that’s getting quickly ruined for meh – it means you won’t be put under attack.  People ought to remember that being challenged, being asked to elaborate, and being attacked to be controlled (policed) are toooootally different. If you can not, please choose a career in a hard technical field – because you won’t enjoy liberal fields and I suspect you’d bring your embitterment with.


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