People moaning that Obama’s gonna use the third recent mass shooting with an automatic gun as “an excuse” to tighten control on automatic guns.

People moaning that Trump acts like Donald Trump.

People moaning their opinion about a stupid swimmer who did a horrible thing.

But most of all, people moaning that Meg Ryan doesn’t look like Meg Ryan.


Yep, time for a facebook break, but also, judging by how much energy is poured into these trending topics

I’m pretty sure 90’s kids read wikipedia for fun much more often.


“I like reading, but I hate reading poorly written stuff.  It’s like, there are so many professionally written things I won’t have the time to touch! Why am I spending time reading this?”~Meir

^This is simultaneously a truth I respect and am terrified by when handing shit of for reals. My feeling is writing can be a sort of personal exploration, like here – where it really is about the author and is mostly about the production and the forging of mental ground, or, it can be a genuine sort of shared experience. When it’s the second, it’s about the reader’s ability to get what you’re laying down, and meir’s completely right.

This makes me think of pathfinder (been playing legit d&d weekends, with dice n shit – never realized before there’re differences in DM philosophy) There’re 2.5 styles: you can DM like it’s your story, or you can DM like it’s the player’s story. (or you can do a mix, which is what I’m gearing for on my turn next)   In terms of writing, when not on yer personal tiny-blog, write like it’s the player’s tale, which calls for pretty well programmed writing that’s flexible enough to allow a good amount of imagination, but also clear.  There’s a lot out there, it’s only respectful of the reader’s time to not hand ’em a shitty draft and ask ’em to tell you how yer shit shines.




Stepdaddude and fatherman were both in ER’s last week.  Separately. Pretty improbable but happened. Spent 20 hours with.  Both are fine and dischargable within a day and need follow up, but time’s definitely a thing.  The difference in quality of these hospitals was also amazing.  The first hospital trip involved like “ok it’s the right thing and the nice thing that I’m here.”   The other hospital was like “Alright I HAVE to be here.  Don’t tell me you lost my family, where is he.  Is someone scheduled to do this.”  Not to mention I was lied to about policy – shouldn’t happentin an age of smart phone.   Like, people shouldn’t tell stupid lies, but extra especially about nonsense hospital policy. (Yo, if someone tells you visiting hours for the ER begin at 8pm, they think you’re dumb. Do something like what I did and google the hospital’s policy on yer phone, then read it to the security guard.  Explain to them the effect of waiting when you don’t know the condition of the patient. Get names.  Be taller than them. Let them know you’re reasonable, but that you’re also really capable of reasoning how to be a persistent pain in the ass until the services you’re qualified for are taken care of. Etc.)


Lady in dad’s ER room interrupted to say I’ve got a very attention capturing way of speaking and better be a teacher and continued to sing my praises until I was sufficiently embarrassed.  TIL: ER is the easiest place in the world to do stand-up



I really need to start making supercash.  There’s a vr game and another vr rowing machine game I’d love – anyone wanna slip me 15 grand of disposable income? I’m sure it won’t be much much much cheaper in 5 years and need those now.


Sweetheart bought me a french press and, ITS AMAZING.  First off, I’ve been adding other starshmux powders, estonian liquers, etc, and, mix-wise, french presses are so easy to make yourself 32 ounces of customized brew.

The other thing is, it’s FAST, so much easier cleaning

Like, caffeine is killed by heat, and french presses can work at a much lower temperature.  I just frikken love these things – and in comparison people who’re like “oh can you just can be some electrical tubing that i can never fully clean to overheat my water and titrate it through a little hole with some groundy things in it? It’s so much better mmm”  are cute.



whisper.com has some really melancholy confessions. Like, some people do things that impact for life for some pretty twisted reasons that the impacted won’t know about, and what a backstory.  Such us h00manity.



Brandon Urie has an interesting backstory and is my new hero:



/Back to writing that’re NOT really about me



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