didja know gruntled is a great word?


Cause I get disgruntled so easily after looking at facebook. When I was a younger internet kid, my homepage was http://www.dictionary.com and one of my favorite surfsites was wikipedia. I looked up things I was curious about, and because I went to these sites I know the best word for how using them properly made me feel was: tranquil.

I wonder if internet denizens today get as much tranquility at that rate.

Today I go to facebook too much. I go usually when i’m curious what I’ll get curious about.  But I know I go to facebook too much because I get miffed and annoyed and have to back off. Every once in a while I’ll find a nugget of gold but let’s face it, the real productivity starts after logging out.


I guess the fact is that facebook is too social to be healthy for the true self.  One could argue no one wants to see yer dang-old true self in the end anyway, and, that’s not true, but people who actually should get to know you coitenly don’t want to glean it from facebook. However, things like, your sex appeal and what dumb ole filters you use, this has a great power over who flocks to your page and scopes your ideas. Even if these are independant of your ideas. If you’re single, not, the style and things you say, political ideology, all these become factors for someone to say: pander. That’s my experience.

Facebook isn’t bad, just like guns aren’t bad. Both can just be part of a dumbass American pass-ze-time too, and here’s my actual problem:

ITS NOT YOUR BLOG! GO. START. A. BLOG! Because some people DONT want to discuss your spin of a recent event, which means when posting personal opinions as a status well, people risk causing divides. It’s not the magic safe space to do some thought exploration like a personal blog, facebook is blatantly not – people lose and gain job opportunities from feshbook all the time, it’s good for fun, but not a thought-play space.


Every widely publicized event is having people who don’t understand how subjugated their view is to their internal bullpoopy exude opinion.  I don’t need it about recent tragedies.  It’s lots of noise.  There’re people mad about gun control, and no control, and senseless violence, and police procedure, AND ITS A VERY DISTURBING TOPIC. I’m not saying don’t get into it, but maybe practice discretion. It’s either funny or sad when people self-troll without realizing it.

And maybe don’t try and use it to soapbox about your prejudices and resentments during unrelated tragedies.  That kind of slime turns into ridiculous ish, quick. On a level that’s somewhere between subconscious and not, it makes me think this is not a person to have fun with.  And fun is one of the ultimately unifiers.

Long story short, I didn’t love social media today and had to post jokes instead.


Whatever, that’s my dumb ole vent.Back to night time.

P.S.  In an interview today, Toni Morrison said she’s smartest and works best in the early morning.
And ooh, me too, me too.   I’m not a farmer, and daytime work hours are overrated.  😛



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