Points for winning guesses

1) Grandfather helps boy from Wonder Years discover kissing ain’t so bad.

2) Niles from Kramer makes a young Ice Man really, really regret drinking red wine.

3) Nick Cage goes WHOA before entering, leaving, and staying within 50 yards of boxing ring.

4) Anti-semite enters mexican prison to actualize white savior fantasy / fulfill single mother’s desire to exist next to him on beach.

5) Benecio Del Toro will fuck you up unless pursued by some guy who caught the fugitive.

6) Hugh Jackman turns every computer into a VR simulator then hacks into pentagon so John Travolta quits testing him with blowjobs.

7) Russel Crowe knows he’s entertaining.

8) Entire city’s had it with law enforcement’s practice of shooting disenfranchised suspects after minimal allegations of criminal behavior in what’s NOT 2016’s America.

8) Alan Rickman is way too talented for this shit then goes to place where you simply can’t bother him again. (RIP)

9) Bunch of people circle jerk in order to get you to re-evaluate society’s priorities.

10) Receptacle for male sexual desire is kidnapped by a black jazz singer in dirty south and morally re-alligned into marrying Justin Timberlake.


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